This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to influence the future of one of Melbourne's most iconic shopping, business and residential hubs.

We invite your feedback on the draft Structure and Place Plan for Camberwell Junction in our survey on this page. This is our guide for transforming the area into a more vibrant, inspiring and community-focused place into the future.

Why this is important

Camberwell Junction is an important activity centre for Melbourne’s eastern suburbs – for shopping, employment, public transport, services and housing. Its popularity is growing and more residents in the future will call it home.

In 2021, Camberwell Junction was home to about 2,500 residents in 1,200 homes. According to Census data, in 2051 this will increase to 5,800 residents and we’ll need 1,500 more homes.

We need to demonstrate to the Victorian Government that we have a plan to meet housing and employment needs from now until 2051. Having this plan also ensures our community can have a say in decisions about this major activity centre.

About our draft Structure and Place Plan

The draft plan carefully considers the close relationship between private development and public land. It has two distinct, yet complementary parts:

1. The Structure Plan, which responds to current growth forecasts for the next 20+ years. It guides the design and scale of new development, while also protecting the character of the centre that locals love.

2. The Place Plan, which provides a vision and a pathway to improve liveability in Camberwell Junction. This includes identifying how we can improve public space, upgrade transport infrastructure and community facilities, expand greenery and raise safety for all.

Explore the draft plan in the Document library to learn more about the exciting major improvements that aim to deliver the community’s vision and priorities for the centre.

Our work so far

We've been building up to this consultation for some years now.

Our community first provided their input in late-2021. We heard what you love about Camberwell Junction and what you could reimagine for the centre's future. See our Engage Boroondara page on Stage 2: Imagine Place.

This, along with demographic and socio-economic analysis formed your vision and top priorities for the centre. See our Engage Boroondara page on Stage 3: Vision and priorities. We checked back with our community in late-2022 and heard that over 93% of respondents agreed with this vision.

We used these to draft our Structure and Place Plan, with specific strategies and actions that deliver on what's important to you.

Camberwell Junction's top priorities

Learn more about our 6 strategic priorities and how these apply to the whole of Camberwell Junction.

  • 3. Built form

    Opportunities to improve buildings through planning.

    Find out more 
  • 4. Public realm

    Great streets and public places are essential to creating a more inviting precinct where business can thrive.

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  • 5. Access and movement

    Ensuring accessibility to and around the precinct will be key to a successful centre.

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  • 6. Community wellbeing

    Public services, environment and culture are some of the most important indicators of a thriving and dynamic community.

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Areas in Camberwell Junction

Camberwell Junction is made up of 6 smaller, distinctive areas (place precincts). Click on the hotspot to learn more about each area and what we have planned.

Have your say

Share your feedback on our draft Structure and Place Plan and the objectives, strategies and actions proposed to deliver your vision and priorities for the centre.

You can have your say in these ways:

  • Complete our online survey below.
  • Participate in an in-person event, listed under the 'Come and talk' section on this page - visit us at a street stall or register to join a community workshop.
  • On request, complete a hardcopy survey.

Feedback that we receive in the consultation will be considered by Councillors before the draft Structure and Place Plan is formally endorsed.