Refreshing the Boroondara Community Plan for the next 10 years

We’re refreshing the Boroondara Community Plan to ensure it reflects the current needs and aspirations of our community.

In December and January, more than 4,700 people told us what’s most important to them during Stage 1 of consultation to refresh the Boroondara Community Plan.

Thank you to everyone who had their say.

How results of the community consultation will be used

The findings from Stage 1 are being reviewed and considered by approximately 180 residents participating in the Boroondara Conversations workshops. Community feedback from Stage 1 and the findings from the workshops will inform how the Boroondara Community Plan can be refreshed.

Stage 2 Boroondara Conversations workshops

More than 800 community members expressed their interest to participate in the second stage of consultation. A total of 180 participants were anonymously selected from these applicants based on their age, gender and suburb. This selection method, called ‘random sampling’, was used to ensure the workshops reflect and represent Boroondara’s population.

For example, 5% of people in Boroondara live in Surrey Hills. Therefore 5% of the 180 people in the workshops are from from Surrey Hills.

Selected participants are meeting for the Boroondara Conversations workshops in March and April.

The consultation process

Consulting with our community through a large scale survey in December and January, followed by deliberative workshops in March and April, is consistent with the consultation method undertaken to develop the Boroondara Community Plan in 2016-17. The consultation process is a legislative requirement under the Local Government Act 2020, which requires all Victorian councils to work with the community to develop or update a long-term vision by October 2021.

The Boroondara Community Plan

The Boroondara Community Plan outlines a 10-year vision for Boroondara’s future.

Every 4 years, we check back in with our community to ensure the Plan continues to reflect their current needs and priorities.