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Stage 2: Imagine Place is part of the Camberwell Junction Placemaking project. You can find out more about the current stage of the project on our Camberwell Junction Placemaking page.

About this stage

Stage 2 of the Camberwell Junction Placemaking project involved engaging the community to understand what they value and gathering ideas for the future of the Camberwell Junction Precinct.

This online consultation allowed community members to share:

  • stories and/or photos about what is important to them about Camberwell Junction, and feedback on could be improved
  • a map tool where users could mark a location in the Camberwell Junction area and let us know what they love about the location or what could be improved in that spot.

In addition to the online consultation, we engaged the community who live, work, study and visit Camberwell Junction precinct. We did this through online webinars (due to pandemic restrictions), key stakeholder workshops and a local randomised telephone survey.

These consultation tools were open to the public from 20 September to 18 October 2021. We received 227 submissions and many exciting ideas for the future of this space during this time, which you can see below.

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