In late-2022, we shared a draft vision statement and key priorities to guide Camberwell Junction's future transformation.

We drafted these principles for the Junction as a result of:

  • hearing from community members, who shared their ideas in the previous 'Imagine Place' stage
  • doing detailed demographic and socio-economic analysis.

About the consultation

The local community showed interest in the engagement with 1,529 page views and 360 downloads of the Vision and Priorities document.

We received feedback through 156 survey responses and, of this, showed strong support for the vision and priorities.

Vision statement

Camberwell Junction - a metropolitan destination

Precinct priorities

  • Promoting a robust and diverse economy

  • Expanding living opportunities

  • Designing a high-quality precinct

  • Creating places for people

  • Connecting Camberwell

  • Prioritising sustainability

Previous stages of the project

In stage 1 of this project, we analysed the precinct. We worked to uncover the unique factors of Camberwell Junction. This included existing projects, technical studies and background research.

During stage 2 of this project, we asked for your feedback to help us:

  • understand what the community loves about Camberwell Junction
  • hear your ideas and hopes for the future of this area.

On our Engage Boroondara page alone, we received 227 submissions and many exciting ideas for the future of this space. You can see them on our Stage 2: Imagine Place page. We used this feedback, along with demographic and socio-economic analysis, to better understand the whole community's needs.

During stage 3 of this project we opened up feedback to the community on the vision and priorities that were developed from researching and refining the ideas shared in stage 2.

You can read about all of these stages, and our vision and priorities, in the draft Camberwell Junction Vision and Priorities document (see the Document library on this page).