Solway Shopping Centre upgrade

We have developed a Shopping Centre Improvement Plan to support local businesses and help create an attractive setting for people to enjoy.

The plan identified streetscape improvement opportunities at 42 shopping centres across the municipality.

Ashburton’s Solway Shopping Centre is the next centre to be considered for improvements.

We sought your feedback on the draft concept plan to inform our future works.

Improvements to Ashburton Solway Shopping Centre aim to:

  • enhance the shopping centre’s appearance and character
  • create a safe, functional and pedestrian-friendly environment
  • create opportunities for longer stays with public spaces for sitting, relaxing and outdoor eating
  • enhance the streetscape appearance with the use of consistent materials and street furniture
  • support local businesses by creating an attractive setting for customers to enjoy
  • improve pedestrian amenity with new footpath surfaces, furniture and raised, more accessible crosswalks with tactile pavers.

New public spaces

To create these new public spaces and pedestrian-safety improvements, we are proposing to reduce existing concrete and asphalt areas and replace with garden beds, plant out crossing points and wider car parking bays. We will add 3 median planting beds to protect parked cars from the existing electricity poles. This will result in the removal of 3 parking spaces. The existing accessible car parking bay will be moved and improved.

To assess the impacts of this proposal, a parking occupancy survey has been completed and it was found that there is adequate parking provision within the shopping centre to accommodate this proposed change.

To better manage the parking supply, we’re looking to introduce a mix of short and longer term time restrictions for the remaining 90 degree parking bays on the south side of Taylor Street. The introduction of parking restrictions will be subject to consultation with affected properties. We will send out a questionnaire including more details following completion of the shopping centre upgrade works.

In conjunction with these works we're planning to refurbish Taylor Street between Winton Road and St Georges Crescent. These works will include construction of new kerb and channel, asphalt resurfacing of the road pavement and construction of new drainage where required.

Design concept notes

Design concepts of streetscape

More information

For more information contact Council’s Landscape and Design Team on 9278 4444 or