Community consultation

From November to December 2023, we asked our community for suggestions on what to include in the new playground at Winton Road Reserve. We invited you to share your thoughts on:

  • what you love about the current playground
  • you, your child or family’s favourite experiences at the park
  • what features you would like to see in the new future play space.

We heard from 78 community members during the consultation.

79% of participants lived in Ashburton and 56% lived within a 10-minute walk to the playground.

How you shared your feedback

  • 71 people participated in an online survey.

  • 4 people shared their feedback by uploading pictures or short comments to the consultation page.

  • 3 children shared a drawing of their 'dream playground' with us.

How you heard about the first stage of consultation

  • We reached over 6,000 Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • 400 postcards were distributed to houses that are located within 250 metres of the playground.

  • We placed signs around the playground, with a QR code to the consultation page.

  • We directly reached out to local schools, kindergartens and childcare centres for their feedback.

  • We promoted the consultation to thousands of community members who subscribe to the Boroondara Libraries newsletter.

    We also placed posters around our local libraries to encourage people to have their say.

  • The consultation featured in the 'have your say' column in the December / January edition of the Boroondara Bulletin.

    The Boroondara Bulletin is our community magazine and contains information on news and events in our city.

    We also mentioned the consultation in the December Solway Ward Newsletter.

What you told us you'd like to see in the new design

You shared lots of great insights with us about how you, your child or your family use the playground. We heard:

  • Swings

    You prefer that we keep the same style of swings that are at the current playground.

  • Current play equipment

    You want us to keep most of the play equipment and upgrade it to meet Australian standards.

  • A playground for everyone to enjoy

    You want the playground to be suitable for kids of different ages.

  • Sensory play

    You'd like us to include more sensory play in the new design, such as nature play.

  • Natural elements

    There was strong support to design a playground that complements the natural surroundings.

  • New nature play area

    71% of respondents (51 people) said they would like to see the former Food Forest incorporated into the playground as an extended nature play space.