About the proposal

We recently proposed to install solar lighting along some of the pathways throughout Fairview Park and Wallen Road Reserve.

Our proposal aimed to improve the lighting along public paths in Boroondara to help make our community feel safer and allow more opportunities for people to exercise. This is particularly important in the early mornings, after dark and during winter’s shorter days.

The map below shows the proposed locations for the solar lights.

Outcome of community consultation

From late May to early June 2022, we asked our community for feedback on the proposal to install solar lighting. We wanted to find out if there was broad community support for the project.

Thank you to everyone who had their say. We appreciate you taking the time to share your views and we value your feedback.

We reviewed all the feedback from this consultation and found that there is not broad community support for the proposal to install solar lighting. As a result, this project will not go ahead.

Summary of community consultation results

More than 200 community members had their say during the consultation. We heard mixed views about the proposal.

Why some community members supported the project

Some community members supported the proposal and said:

  • they welcome the idea of extra light when exercising and walking their dog in early evening or early morning, especially in winter
  • they would feel safer while exercising, and while walking their dogs.

Why some community members did not support the project

Some community members did not support the proposal and shared concerns about:

  • the impact of light spill on local wildlife and the natural environment
  • the aesthetics of the poles and solar panels detracting from the heritage, character and beauty of the park
  • the lighting potentially attracting groups of people to the park at night with unwelcome behaviour
  • the potential for light spill into nearby residents’ properties.

Suggested changes to the project

Some community members said they would be supportive of the proposal if we made some changes. Their suggestions included reducing the height of the light poles or using bollard lights instead.

We considered these changes, however, we would need to install bollard lighting every 10 metres to produce the same amount of light. This means that we would need to complete more trenching at Fairview Park and Wallen Road Reserve to be able to supply solar power to more poles.

Some community members also suggested placing the light poles in different locations. However, we can’t install lights on the gravel path next to the Yarra River (away from the nearby properties) because this area is a biodiversity corridor and they may have an impact on local wildlife.