On Sir Garnet Road in Surrey Hills there is a unique section of nature strip which is:

  • large in size
  • clear of assets, such as overhead powerlines.

Some local community members have requested that we plant more trees in this nature strip space.

Through the Boroondara Community Plan 2021-31, we heard from our community that parks and green spaces are a priority, and that investigating more green spaces is important to you. You also told us through the Climate Action Plan that environmental sustainability is important to you, with biodiversity and trees being key themes.

We have identified an opportunity to improve this unique nature strip and would like to transform a section of it into a new informal garden area the local community can enjoy.

Our proposed design

We have developed a proposed draft design for the new nature strip garden which aims to:

  • build on and enhance what the local community have already started planting in this area
  • improve the open space offering for the local community and provide a place where locals can rest and connect with nature
  • provide more shade and urban cooling through new, healthy canopy trees.

Our proposed design includes:

  • grassed areas for informal recreation
  • garden bed plantings
  • new seating
  • a gravel pathway.

We have also included plant and tree species that will suit the climate now and into the future, and provide habitat to support local wildlife.

Map of the area alongside Sir Garnet Road in Surrey Hills which we are proposing become a new, informal garden area for the community to enjoy.

Planting options for garden bed areas

The planting palette options for the garden bed areas are either a native planting palette, a cottage planting palette or a mix of both.

Have your say

We want to hear your thoughts on this proposal. Your feedback will help determine if we proceed with the proposed nature strip garden. If there is overall support from the community for the proposal, we will develop a final design based on the feedback we are given by the community.

You can provide your feedback in 2 ways:

  • By answering our survey question about planting palette in the nature strip garden.
  • By letting us know how you feel about the overall design for the nature strip garden.

Both feedback option will close at 5 pm on Friday 4 August 2023.

How do you feel about the design for this new nature strip garden?

24 July, 2023

Connie says:

Fully support planting 100% native Australian plants to improve local biodiversity. Would prefer no seating or path and more plants.

20 July, 2023

Nadine Samaha says:

A small Miyawaki method foresr or more dense vegetation would have been more suitable as we are converting grassed park in Stonnington.

19 July, 2023

Grant says:

As residents of Sir Garnet Rd we attended the design presentation on 15 July and fully support the proposal. Hope for more of it over time.

19 July, 2023

Graham says:

We need more of this, pollinator pathways, not just desert like grass. Prefer no path easier to maintain dogs disturbing and fouling

17 July, 2023

PropValueWatcher says:

Plantation blocking rear access negatively affect safety and adjoining lot values, and should not become a precedent further down the street

17 July, 2023

AnnP says:

I’d like to see this area as a welcoming place for locals. I think a mix of cottage and native plants will provide this.