About the Myrtle and Macleay Parks Master Plan

Myrtle and Macleay Parks in Balwyn North form a major sporting and recreation precinct for our community. At this location there are:

  • 8 outdoor netball courts
  • 6 sporting fields used primarily for soccer, cricket, and baseball
  • 3 sports pavilions
  • a Scout Hall
  • a playground.

Having a master plan provides a long-term vision and framework for improving parks and sportsgrounds. It will help guide any changes, identify areas for improvement, and allow us to take on new opportunities so that this popular open space can be enjoyed by our whole community.

It allows us to support the diverse uses of the parks by:

  • providing for organised sport
  • providing for recreational use by the wider community
  • providing amenities like park furniture, shade, shelter, public toilets, lighting and paths
  • enhancing pedestrian safety
  • protecting the character of the park
  • improving access and wayfinding throughout the park.

You can learn more about the purpose of master plans for parks on our Improving parks and sportsgrounds page.

How to have your say

1. Take our survey

2. Drop a pin on the map

If you’ve completed our survey and want to give us more information about these parks, particular locations or where your ideas fit, we invite you to drop a pin on our map and leave a comment. Feel free to add a photo. Your comments will only be visible to Council officers.

You can use the map to tell us about:

  • your favourite spots
  • any ideas you have for specific areas
  • where you think we could make improvements.