We’re upgrading the network of laneways connecting Canterbury Station to Maling Road in Canterbury.

These improvements will create a more accessible, safe and enjoyable experience for the hundreds of people who use these laneways daily.

It also delivers on our Maling Road Place Plan, developed in consultation with our community.

About the upgrades

We developed a concept design in late 2021 for upgrades to the laneways. The design included:

  • better lighting and improved bluestone paving and asphalt to create safer access for everyone
  • the need to remove existing vegetation due to disease, decay and structural factors
  • more greenery, including a new irrigated garden bed and trees
  • vibrant festoon lighting in the lane between 141 and 143 Maling Road, to bring this space to life at night
  • places to meet and more public seating
  • restricting vehicles to the roadway with safety bollards and fencing to ensure pedestrian safety
  • a new designated turning area for cars in front of Canterbury Station. This improves pedestrian safety and allows cars from private properties to exit Maling Road safely.

These upgrades are part of achieving your vision for Maling Road. Learn more on our Maling Road placemaking page.

What happens next

We now have approval, from Metro Trains Melbourne and the Department of Transport and Planning, to start scheduling work on the laneways.

They provided us with detailed design direction so we could ensure the area around the station meets modern-day safety standards.

In August 2023, we received approval to proceed with our concept design, with the following changes:

  • Move the turnaround area further away from the station’s underpass area.
  • Install tactile pavement to warn people with vision impairments of the path edge.
  • Replace some bollards with pedestrian safety barriers between state-owned and Council land.

Tree works, in preparation for the laneway upgrades, will start in early 2024. We will then progressively roll out the laneway upgrades outlined below.

How we're upgrading the laneways

Expand the map and click on the animated hot spots to view photos and descriptions of the planned upgrades.

A map of Maling Road and local shops and train station