About the name proposal

The Canterbury Community Precinct development is due for completion in early 2024. As part of the development, we are refurbishing the building at 190A Canterbury Road, Canterbury. It will become home to the Canterbury History Group and the Surrey Hills Historical Society.

These two history groups have asked for the building to be named ‘Maling Heritage Centre’.

The name celebrates the historical significance of John Maling, whose contribution to the area was recognised in the naming of Maling Road and Maling Ward.

If you have any feedback on the proposed name, please use the comment box below.

How the name will be decided

Feedback from our community will be presented to Council later this year. If Council supports the name, we will send our proposal to Geographic Names Victoria for a final decision.

This process follows Council’s Naming Policy as well as the guidelines set by the Victorian Government in the Naming rules for places in Victoria – Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016.

You can read about the naming rules on the Victorian Government's website.

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