What we heard from our community

In May 2022, we asked our community for feedback to help us develop a submission to Spark’s North East Link (NEL) Tunnels Urban Design and Landscape Plan (UDLP) public exhibition. This UDLP included preliminary designs for the Bulleen Road and Eastern Freeway interchange (Southern Interchange) and the western portion of Koonung Creek Reserve.

Over 80% of people who answered our survey told us they did not want a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists. People said they wanted to have a separate walking path and cycling path next to each other. In our submission to the UDLP, we strongly advocated for mode separated paths. We have continued to advocate to NELP about this issue.

We also heard about other facilities that are important to our community in the reserve, including the:

  • playground
  • public toilet at the playground.

The community told us that having toilets in the reserve increases the amount of time people can spend there, and that the playground is an important community asset and meeting place for families.

We shared this feedback with NELP to help them develop their draft concept design for the Koonung Creek Reserve.

How our community uses Koonung Creek Reserve

Our community told us that Koonung Creek Reserve is important for the variety of activities it offers, and for the positive effect it has on health and wellbeing.

How our community wants Koonung Creek Reserve to look and feel

Our community shared their ideas about what they wanted the reserve to look and feel like after the NELP works are complete.