We're writing a new chapter for Kew Library and invite you to be part of the story.

Your feedback will inform the vision and help us design a modern purpose-built library that delivers on what's important to you.


The way people engage with their local library has changed since the branch opened in 1987. We now have the opportunity to design a library that meets the needs of our community now and into the future.

The Kew Library redevelopment delivers on our:

It involves the demolition of the existing building and construction of a new building with a connection to the gardens.

Learn more about how we plan to deliver your vision below. You can also download the full Vision and Design Brief from the Document library.

Your vision for Kew Library

In 2017, we consulted with the community and asked for your views and aspirations for a Kew Library upgrade. You told us you want a library that:

  • is welcoming and accessible
  • has quiet and peaceful spaces, as well as active and social spaces for activities and meeting people
  • is light, comfortable and sustainable
  • is an iconic building that celebrates heritage
  • connects indoor and outdoor spaces, taking advantage of its location next to Alexandra Gardens and Petrie Square
  • has flexible spaces that can adapt over time as community needs change.

How we plan to deliver your vision

We are exploring ways to bring your vision to life, shaped by community needs, emerging trends and opportunities.
  • Strong connection to the outdoors


    • Create a strong connection to the natural environment and existing outdoor spaces.
    • Take advantage of the Library's location next to Alexandra Gardens and Petrie Square.
    • Host new group activities for children and adults in indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • A destination for all ages and abilities


    • Spaces that feel relaxed, inviting and engaging for long or short-term visits.
    • A variety of well considered and designed spaces, accessible to everyone.
    • Better layout and flow of the library floorplan.
    • Activities, programs and events that cater to a range of ages, abilities and interests.
  • Multipurpose and adaptable spaces


    • Spaces that are open, flexible and spacious to meet a range of customer needs and activities throughout the day.
    • Quiet spaces for reading and study.
    • Spaces for events and performances, passive activities (e.g. playing chess) and creative activities.
  • Celebrates local history and culture


    • Honour Kew's history and culture.
    • Provide local history programs.
    • Respects the local environment and capitalises on its unique location.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and connection


    • Kitchen facilities (for heating food and making a coffee).
    • Community spaces for activities, programs and events.
    • Large and small meeting rooms with after-hours access.
    • A mini café.
  • Latest technology


    • Provide new and emerging technology.
    • Spaces are tech friendly and include charging points.
  • Support lifelong learning


    • Library programs that encourage lifelong learning.
    • Print and audiovisual collections and displays.
    • Creative spaces to make and try something new.