Thanks to everyone who participated in our consultation for the new playground design at Kellett Reserve in late 2023.

Our landscape architects have listened to your ideas and comments.

Now the draft design is ready for your review and we'd love to hear your thoughts before we finalise the design in late 2024.

Come and chat with us on Wednesday 21 February or take our survey by 5 pm Monday 4 March.

About the renewal

We are renewing the playground at Kellett Reserve, located on Malin Street in Kew, to:

  • improve accessibility
  • offer a range of play experiences for children
  • ensure the playground is enhanced for families to enjoy into the future.

This playground is classified as a local playground in Boroondara's Playground Development Strategy. For a quick summary of what that means, see the question panel on the right of this page.

We expect to start building the new playground in the 2024-2025 financial year.

How your feedback shaped the design

In September and October 2023, we asked our community for feedback to help shape the draft design for the new playground.

We listened to 85 responses from adults and children through the survey and 12 people who joined a drop-in session.

In addition to sharing lots of great insights about how you, your child or your family use the playground, we heard:

  • you prefer to keep equipment for different ages separate
  • you want us to keep most of the play equipment and upgrade it to meet current playground standards
  • there were requests for more slides and senior play items that were challenging for older children
  • swings are highly valued by the community. The preference was to have both toddler and double swings and an extra basket and nest swing
  • there was strong support to design a climbing tower with binoculars, so children could see city views.

Summary of the draft design

You told us you would like more play options at the playground. Proposed upgrades we’ve included in the draft design include:

  • a 4.8 metre high play tower overlooking the city
  • a basket swing
  • a tunnel slide, toddler slide and double-wave metal banister slide
  • flower talking tubes for sensory play. This experience has two talk tubes linked through a pipe underground so children can speak back and forth with friends or family
  • fitness equipment.

You told us the following play equipment is much-loved by playground users. Based on this feedback, we’re proposing to keep or upgrade the following play equipment to meet current Australian playground standards:

  • teacup spinner (flying saucer)
  • 2 junior swings and 2 senior swings
  • basket swing
  • 2 play units to challenge different ages
  • climbing wall (as part of the larger play unit)
  • monkey bars
  • track glide
  • bird spring rocker.

Existing features around the playground that will be upgraded include:

  • park seat overlooking the playground
  • picnic table setting
  • seating
  • drink fountain with dog bowl.

Some features our community told us they would like to see could not be included in the design, such as:

  • barbecue
  • fencing
  • water play
  • shaded areas
  • public toilets.

This is because Kellett Reserve is classified as a ‘local’ playground, and certain features fall out of this project's scope in the Boroondara Playground Strategy.

To learn more about what this means, view the Questions and Answers panel on the right of this page.

View the design

You can view key proposed features of the draft design by selecting the hotspots on this map.

You can click through the artist's impressions of the draft design.

How to have your say

We want to make sure the draft design meets your needs. Do you like the proposed playground design?

You can tell us your thoughts in these ways:

  • complete our short survey below
  • speak with Council staff at the playground on Wednesday 21 February from 3.15pm - 4.15pm.

Consultation closes on 5 pm Monday 4 March 2024.

Stay informed

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