We explored 3 sites on Council owned-land near Camberwell Station to find the most suitable location for additional car parking.

The sites we explored included:

  • the existing car park at Harold Street
  • the existing car park at Station Street
  • the existing Junction West car park.

Harold Street, Camberwell

We looked at Harold Street to find out if it was suitable for a multideck car park.

Feasibility studies showed us that that this site has various challenges that come from:

  • a high number of people who walk through the area
  • a large number of cars and trucks that go through the area.

A traffic assessment also showed us the ramping needed to build a 2-level multideck car park, would not create enough car parking spaces to meet Federal Government requirements.

A car park in this location would affect the liveability of the area and the safety of pedestrians, and impact truck access to existing loading docks at The Camberwell Centre (formerly known as The Well).

Station Street, Camberwell

We looked at Station Street to find out if it was suitable for a basement car park.

Feasibility studies showed us that the cost of building car parking at this site would be significantly outside of the Federal funding.

Other feasibility research

Council engaged an independent research agency to undertake initial market research in August 2021 to better understand the level of demand for additional car parking spaces in the local area. A summary of the findings can be requested, with highlight including:

  • 42% of the 69,212 people living locally (within 5km) said they are likely to use the car parking to catch the train on weekdays or weekends.
  • 74% of people surveyed felt positively about additional car parking spaces near the station.

Results of a Traffic Feasibility and Assessment Report undertaken as part of the feasibility studies can also be requested.

More information is available by opening the report from the Document library below.