Our proposal

We want to find out if there is community support for a ramp to connect the Anniversary Trail with Mont Albert Road in Canterbury. The ramp would be located on the west side of the Mont Albert Road bridge, immediately to the north of Mont Albert Road.

At the moment, there aren’t many places where you can access the Anniversary Trail between Whitehorse Road and Rubens Grove.

We are proposing to build a new ramp that could reduce the distance between access points from one kilometre to 300 metres along this stretch of the trail.

A ramp at this location would also:

  • provide a connection between important east-west and north-south bicycle and pedestrian routes
  • improve access, safety and security
  • provide opportunities for local students to walk or ride to school
  • deliver better access for emergency services when required
  • meet disability standards.

Concept design map

Select the Hotspots on the map below to learn more about the different features of our concept design.

A map of the proposed proposed Anniversary Trail switch back ramp structure from Mont Albert Road to the Anniversary Trail.

Concept design images

You can also view our artist-designed concept images below.

How we will use your feedback

If there is community support for the proposed ramp, we will use your feedback to inform a feasibility study which will be reviewed by Council. We will then submit this study to the Victorian Government and advocate for them to provide funding for this project. This is an action in our Boroondara Bicycle Strategy.