About Walmer Street Bridge

The Walmer Street Bridge crosses the Yarra River and connects Kew to Richmond and Abbotsford. It plays an important role for pedestrians and the regional bicycle network.

The bridge has 3 sections:

  • the southern land bridge (owned and managed by the City of Yarra)
  • the river bridge (a heritage-listed Victorian Government asset)
  • the northern land bridge (owned and managed by the City of Boroondara).

About the project

The northern land bridge section of the Walmer Street Bridge is in poor condition and needs to be replaced. With funding support from the Australian Government, we aim to start works on this section of the bridge in mid-to-late 2022.

This work would result in:

  • an increase in the width from 1.7m to 3.3m for a safer shared path for pedestrians and cyclists
  • a decrease in steepness so the bridge meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • structural improvements to the bridge and the staircase which connects to the riverbank
  • handrail lighting
  • an improvement to its overall look and convenience.

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How construction will affect the area

During construction, we will need to close the full length of the Walmer Street Bridge for about 8 months (pending weather conditions).

We encourage cyclists and pedestrians who regularly use the bridge to think about different routes or ways of getting around during this time. You can view some different route options below.

Our work so far

Since 2008, we have advocated for the northern land bridge section of Walmer Street Bridge to be replaced. This was an action we included in our 2008 Boroondara Bicycle Strategy.

In 2013, we received a report that said the bridge is in poor condition. It explained that the bridge has:

  • defects in its structure
  • beams that are failing
  • timber railing posts that are splitting
  • a deck that is sagging.

The community also shared their concerns about the width, surface and steepness of the northern land bridge section.

The report and feedback from the community confirmed the need for the structure to be replaced.

In 2013, temporary scaffolding was installed at the northern land bridge section. Scaffolding was replaced with steel supports in 2015.

In 2016, we started work on a permanent design solution to replace the northern land bridge section.

In December 2020, the Heritage Council decided that Walmer Street Bridge was of ‘State-level cultural heritage significance’ and should be added to the Victorian Heritage Register.

After this announcement, we needed to change our designs and submit it to Heritage Victoria as part of a permit application.

In December 2021, Heritage Victoria approved a conditional permit for construction.