Macleay Park pavilion renewal

The Macleay Park pavilion will be refurbished internally, with minor external additions to renew the pavilion. These upgrades are funded through the Council's 2021-22 Capital Works Program.

The internal works include:

  • adding a folding change bench and ambulant grab rails to the existing shower cubicles
  • installing new basins with an integrated shelf
  • putting in a first aid room
  • building a new accessible toilet with shower and baby change table
  • extending the entry partitions to improve privacy in the change rooms
  • increasing the amenity of the function room by enlarging it by 25sqm.

A minor external extension of 67sqm will be added to the south-east end of the existing building footprint, to provide more storage space for the sporting clubs. To accommodate this, a small self-seeded tree will be removed.

New shade canopies

New shade canopies aren't part of the current scope of works as they're dependent on external funding – but we're hopeful work will go ahead pending a successful grant.

The new shade canopies hope to:

  • offer year-round shelter from the weather
  • create an identifiable entry into the pavilion
  • create a lively and functional space.
Architectural plans for Macleay Park pavillion

Oval 2 upgrade

Upgrades to Macleay Park oval 2 are being implemented to improve drainage and irrigation, and some of the supporting infrastructure. These upgrades are being funded through the Council's 2021-22 Capital Works Program.

The oval 2 upgrade includes:

  • putting in new irrigation and drainage systems
  • replacing the soil profile and laying new turf to enhance the ground conditions
  • replacing the fence around the oval
  • renewing the existing synthetic cricket wicket with new synthetic grass surrounds around the wicket.

In summer, the new synthetic grass surrounds will help maintain the cricket wicket and provide safe and consistent run-ups for bowlers. During winter, it will offer a more even surface for soccer.

During the works, the area will be fenced off for safety reasons and the oval will be temporarily unavailable.

There will not be any changes to the other ovals at Macleay Park during these works.

Aerial view of Macleay Park oval 2