About the upgrade

We are upgrading the pavilion and the East Oval (Upper) at Lynden Park.

These upgrades will make sure the facility:

  • better meets the needs of sports clubs
  • supports female sports teams and encourages female sports participation.

This is an important space for sporting clubs and our community. It is currently used by the Camberwell Sharks Junior Football Club, Burwood Uniting Canterbury Cricket Club and Hartwell Auskick.

The Victorian Government has contributed $800,000 of grant funding. The Australian Government has also contributed $359,000 through a Local Roads and Community Infrastructure grant.

Community consultation

In June 2022, we asked you for feedback on a draft concept design for the pavilion.

You told us you supported:

  • more female-friendly facilities
  • greater accessibility around the pavilion
  • access to a public toilet.
  • "I welcome the inclusion of publicly accessible toilets at the upgraded pavilion as part of these works."

  • "Pleased to see extra support for girl's/women's sport."

  • "Great to see that there will be toilets available on the outside for park and playground users."

  • "Developing facilities that suit the current community needs can only be a positive investment."

Pavilion upgrade

We used your feedback to develop a final design for upgrades to the pavilion.

The pavilion will feature new and upgraded change rooms with female-friendly facilities, as well as a new unisex toilet that people can access from outside of the building 7 days a week.

Other features include:

  • upgrades to the social space, including the kitchen, servery and toilets
  • improved access to both ovals, car parks and the pathways to the pavilion
  • upgrades to the first aid room
  • an extra umpires room
  • upgrades to the existing umpires room
  • improvements to building access and signage
  • increased storage space.
You can view key features by selecting the Hotspots below

Pavilion floor plan

A birds eye view of the new floor plan for the upgraded pavillion.

Architect renders of the upgraded pavilion

Architect renders of the upgraded pavilion and surrounding oval with people playing and watching football.

East Oval upgrade

We will also be completing upgrade works to the Lynden Park East Oval (Upper). They will include:

  • new irrigation and drainage
  • new turf
  • new cricket nets
  • new AFL goal posts
  • new player benches (relocated to the western side of the oval)
  • new synthetic cricket nets and synthetic wicket surrounds.

During upgrade works

There will be limited car parking available at Lynden Park throughout upgrade works due to construction equipment and temporary accommodation for sports clubs.

The northern car park (accessed via Lynden Road) will have limited parking once pavilion works start in June. The southern car park (accessed via Stornoway Road) will be closed once oval renewal works start in October.

The playground will be open and can be accessed as usual from Lynden Street.