Project background

The existing Lewin Reserve Pavilion is in poor condition overall. It also doesn’t cater for women and girls who play rugby and cricket here.

An original two-storey pavilion design was proposed in late 2020. Community feedback at the time identified a number of design elements for review.

In response, we listened to our community and formed a community reference group to assist with shaping an updated concept design to address the feedback and some concerns raised.

The proposed location, size, roof and overall exterior of the new concept design has been carefully considered in consultation with the community reference group and tenant sporting clubs.

We are confident this new design will ensure both the needs of the sporting clubs and local residents are met. Everyone will be able to enjoy this new facility together while also maintaining the requirements set out in our 2019 Pavilion Policy.

We also thank the community reference group members for volunteering their time and effort during this period to help us reshape the design.

Key design considerations


The location for the proposed design has been selected based on:

  • existing flood levels
  • surrounding trees
  • location of the current sports fields
  • wheelchair accessible gradients.


The new single-storey pavilion will be partially embedded into the existing embankment to reduce its visible height and create a new publicly accessible viewing terrace from Sinclair Avenue.

The proposed design has been split into two single-level buildings, to ensure all nearby trees are not impacted and the visual impact of the building overall is reduced.


A new wheelchair accessible pathway will be created from Sinclair Avenue. It will sit along the top of the existing bluestone retaining wall to assist with easy access to the new pavilion.


The proposed pavilion design includes:

  • two unisex change rooms
  • a dedicated umpires’ room
  • a dedicated first aid room
  • storage facilities
  • a multipurpose community space/social room and kiosk
  • rooftop terrace/viewing platform
  • outdoor amphitheatre steps
  • public toilet
  • Proposed design



    The existing pavilion will remain open during construction. Once the new pavilion is complete, the old pavilion will be demolished and the space will be reinstated to green open space.

    The construction zone for the new pavilion will be fenced off during the works to ensure community safety.

    Lewin Reserve will remain accessible outside the construction zone. Access to parking along surrounding streets will not be affected by the works.

    The budget for this project is $2.4 million, funded through Council's Capital Works Program.

    Have your say

    We want to hear your thoughts on the new draft concept design. You can submit your comments using the feedback box below before Friday 5 November 2021.