About the playground

In the early 1990’s a collaboration was formed between a group of community members, organisations and Council to plan and build Hays Paddock Playground.

The playground was opened in 1998 as one of the first inclusive playgrounds in Australia – a real trailblazer for its time. Inclusion and ‘side-by-side’ play for children of all abilities was the main goal for this playground.

Without the foresight, generosity and commitment from the original founding members and community stakeholders, this playground would not have come to fruition.

To this day, Hays Paddock Playground remains one of Boroondara’s most popular playgrounds.

We recognise the strong, sentimental connection our community has with this iconic play space and want to ensure this remains for many more years to come.

Upcoming renewal works

Due to its age and current condition, renewal works are required to help revitalise and continue the legacy of this much-loved play space.

The existing playground features a large amount of custom timber structures. Over the past 23 years, most of the timber posts and structural elements have begun to rot underground.

We recognise that these central timber structures contribute greatly to the unique and quirky character of this play space in its native bushland setting.

With limited lifespan remaining on these timber structures and some of the other play elements within the space, we asked our community for their feedback to help us determine a preferred option for renewal.

Hays Paddock Playground timber entrance

Community consultation

To help us better understand what our community loves most about the current playground and where we may be able to make further improvements as part of the renewal process, we asked our community to tell us:

  • more about who is currently visiting and using the playground
  • what you think of the current theme and character of the playground
  • what you think of the current individual play items
  • how you think we should approach the renewal of the timber structures.

The survey closed midnight Sunday 13 February 2022.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first stage of consultation. Your feedback will inform the draft concept design which will be shared with the community for further feedback in July 2022.

We are also collaborating with leaders and experts in the disability sector to make sure any proposed modifications or replacements are inclusive for people of all abilities and provide ‘side by side’ play.