We received 79 submissions through a survey in December 2021.

Nine local children also shared drawings of what they would like to see at Grovedale Park playground in the future.

Through this stage of consultation, our community shared what they value most about Grovedale Park.

They told us:

  • it's an important neighbourhood meeting place
  • they enjoy the parklands, natural amphitheatre and trees
  • they like having opportunities to walk their dog.

People who responded to the survey said the new playground design should consider:

  • keeping parts of the existing playground that are in good condition (including the blueberry spinner and swings)
  • building on the existing features of the playground by including more greenery and plants
  • providing opportunities for children to gather and explore
  • having a variety of play opportunities and equipment that meets the needs of both younger and older children
  • representing the local history of the area.

This feedback has help us develop the draft concept design.