Project background

Grovedale Park Playground was a quarry site in the 1920s before it was filled in and transformed into a much-loved park and playground.

The current playground was constructed in 2001, is modelled off a 'Tree House' theme and predominately caters to primary aged children.

With much of the equipment now worn-out and in need of refurbishment, we plan to renew the playground to better cater to all ages and abilities by providing a variety of play types.

The playground is scheduled to be replaced in the 2022-2023 financial year.

Did you know?

The original 1920s quarry was part of John Butler Maling's property, one of the early European settlers of the area. Clay was quarried from this area and used to make the bricks used in the construction of his home, which is still standing nearby today.

Have your say

We asked local children and families to share their feedback and ideas for the renewed playground by completing our survey or sharing a drawing of something they love about the playground with us.

Feedback closed on Sunday 19 December 2021.

We are currently reviewing the feedback recieved and will share a draft concept design with you in early 2022.