In 2022 we consulted with the community on updating our Governance Rules to align with updates made by the Victorian Government during the pandemic.

After considering the feedback you provided, the proposed changes were endorsed by our Councillors in the Council meeting on 26 September 2022.

You can read the adopted Boroondara City Council Governance Rules on our Governance Rules page.

About the changes

1. Change to the processes and procedures for how any online Council meetings are carried out.

Changes to this rule formalised how Councillors can attend meetings electronically. This includes audio and visual requirements to make sure Councillors can participate in Council meetings that need to be carried out online.

2. Clear requirements and alternative steps for Councillors when electing a Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Electing a new Mayor or Deputy Mayor now requires an absolute majority vote from the Councillors.

This means, the voting process can no longer include a ballet. If a majority vote is not reached, Councillors now must resolve to conduct another election at a different time or day.

Who we heard from

We received a total of 17 submissions during the consultation period, from Monday 22 August to Sunday 4 September 2022.

Approximately 89% of survey responses were made by people living in Boroondara, with the remaining 11% from people who shop and dine in Boroondara.

What you told us

In our consultation we invited your feedback on the 2 proposed changes to our Governance Rules. The feedback we received showed a high level of community support for each change.