Why we are proposing the changes

We are proposing updates to our Governance Rules to meet recent changes to the Local Government Act 2020.

When in-person Council meetings became challenging during the pandemic, the Victorian Government approved temporary changes to legislation in the Local Government Act 2020.

These changes include:

  • allowing Council meetings to be held online
  • changing how Mayors and Deputy Mayors are elected.

The Victorian Government has now made these changes permanent. This has required all Councils to update their Governance Rules to include rules and processes for online meetings.

What we want your feedback on

We want to know what you think about 2 proposed changes to our Governance Rules

1. Processes and procedures for how any online Council meetings are carried out.

Changes to this rule will formalise how Councillors can attend meetings electronically. This includes audio and visual requirements to make sure Councillors can participate in Council meetings that need to be carried out online.

2. Clear requirements and alternative steps for Councillors when electing a Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

An absolute majority of all Councillors is now required to elect a Mayor or Deputy Mayor, as opposed to a majority at the particular meeting.

If there is a deadlock in Councillor votes when electing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, we will close the meeting and set a new date for Councillors to take another vote. This process will continue until a majority is reached for the Mayor role and Deputy Mayor role.

We encourage you to read our draft Governance Rules to help you answer all the questions in the survey below. You can download our draft Governance Rules from the Document library on this page.

How to have your say

This survey closed at midnight on Sunday 4 September 2022.

We asked for some personal information in this survey to make sure we are hearing from different groups in the community.