The road ahead

Glenferrie Road is a high-quality retail destination, but the street is currently dominated by vehicles and its footpaths are cramped.

Making space for everyone while also achieving a net increase in car parking is central to the Place Plan. This initiative provides for around 1,500 square metres of extra public space by relocating some on-street car parking spaces to secure, off-street parking facilities within easy walking distance.

Distributing new short and long term parking options across the precinct will improve accessibility for all and transform the Glenferrie Road streetscape into a people-focused place with greenery, outdoor dining and spaces to meet and host events.

Scroll down to explore key features of the Glenferrie Streetscape initiative on this page, or download the full document in the 'Downloads' section – and have your say in the survey.

Key features

A man cycles past a tree on a small side street beneath

Artist's impression of Mary Street intersection with Glenferrie Road (indicative only)

Glenferrie Road – south

From Manningtree Road to Lynch Street

Map of the southern end of Glenferrie Road

Glenferrie Road – central

From Lynch Street to Wakefield Street

Map of the central section of Glenferrie Road

Glenferrie Road – central

From Wakefield Street to Kinkora Road

Map of the central part of Glenferrie Road
A broad road stretches out with a separated bike lane on each side

Artist's impression of Glenferrie Road near intersection with Grace Street (indicative only)

Glenferrie Road – north

From Kinkora Road to Hawthorn Grove

Map of the northern end of Glenferrie Road

Glenferrie Road – north

From Hawthorn Grove to Barkers Road

Map of the northern end of Glenferrie Road
People stroll past shops on a lively street corner as a tram passes

Artist's impression of Glenferrie Road near Churchill Grove (indicative only)

Visionary concept

The artists' impressions and concept plans on this page provide a vision for the future, and will be revised through consultation and further analysis.

Have your say

You can provide feedback on this initiative before 5pm on Monday 6 December 2021 by sharing your thoughts in the survey below.

Any feedback received will be considered by Council before the Place Plan is formally endorsed in 2022.

Delivery of the Place Plan will take place over several years. We're committed to seeking your ongoing feedback to guide the implementation of large scale projects before they start.