We have cancelled the Council Meeting for this project following the withdrawal of federal funding for additional commuter car parks in Boroondara. Read Council’s response to this decision.

About the proposal

We are proposing to build a new car parking facility with around 490 spaces at the existing Liddiard Street Council-owned car park in Hawthorn. This would be funded by the Australian Government as part of its Urban Congestion Fund. We would receive $15 million from this fund to complete the project.

This proposal will:

  • retain the existing 138 car parking spaces
  • potentially relocate some car parking from across the precinct to unlock exciting opportunities for visitors to the Glenferrie precinct, as outlined in the draft Glenferrie Place Plan.

Funded by the Australian Government as part of its Urban Congestion Fund, these additional car parking spaces have the potential to benefit:

  • community members who are seeking longer term parking for work or study
  • visitors who want to shop, dine and explore the Glenferrie area.

Artist's impressions of the Glenferrie proposal

The ideas in these impressions may change.

Investigations so far

We received initial funding from the Australian Government to complete feasibility studies. These studies looked at possible sites on Council-owned land near Glenferrie Station to accommodate additional car parking spaces

In late 2021, we completed community consultation on the draft Glenferrie Place Plan. Through this consultation, the community told us they generally supported the draft Glenferrie Place Plan, including a multi-level car parking facility at Liddiard Street.

Potential benefits

The Liddiard Street car parking site is the most suitable location for additional car parking spaces. This is because:

  • It will help to achieve the vision for Glenferrie as outlined in the draft Glenferrie Place Plan.
  • It will create around 352 additional parking spaces by adding an underground level, a ground level and 3 upper levels. This will bring the total car parking spaces to around 490.
  • The additional car parking spaces would cater for a mix of long-term parking and short-term parking.
  • Recent market research findings show many local people prefer to drive to a station and catch public transport to work rather than driving all the way.
  • A car park building can include measures to support greenery and sustainable design.
  • Other environmentally sustainable features, such as bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging, can be included in the design.
  • Pedestrian connections from the car park to Glenferrie Road and Glenferrie Station can be improved to provide convenient and safe connections to trains and trams
  • A wide setback from surrounding properties and well established greenery can be included in the design.