Our Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25 details the City of Boroondara’s strategic approach to animal management services for cats and dogs in our community.

Under the Victorian Domestic Animals Act 1994 (Act) every Victorian Council is required to prepare and implement a domestic animal management plan every four years.

We recognise the value of pet ownership and the benefit to the community’s health and wellbeing, the importance of the welfare of pets, and the need to protect our community and environment.

Review of Domestic Animal Management Plan

As part of our review of the Domestic Animal Management Plan we wanted to understand the current issues facing our community and identify trends in relation to pet ownership.

To do this, we looked at Council complaint data.

We also consulted with experts from organisations such as:

  • the RSPCA (our animal management services partner)
  • other animal support agencies
  • local veterinary clinics.

Updated Domestic Animal Management Plan

The updated Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25 aims to improve and enhance our animal management services for cats and dogs in ways that aim to keep pets, owners, and the community safe.

It will also continue to support local pet owners with enhanced resources and services.

Key updates to the updated Domestic Animal Management Plan include:

  • new and easier process to register their pets online
  • delivery of a targeted program to provide cat owners with resources and education on responsible cat ownership
  • translated resources to better support our community
  • enhanced training of our Animal Management Officers
  • enhanced resources on our website to make it easier for pet owners to find the information they need
  • targeted safety patrols to address increased incidences of dog attacks or anti-social behaviour

Download our updated Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25 from our Document Library to find out more information about these initiatives.

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