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About the project

We are running trial pop-up spaces in Camberwell that will help us better understand how we can improve our street spaces. The 2 pop-up spaces include:

  • a laneway near Camberwell Primary School
  • an area near Camberwell railway station.

The pop-up spaces at each location will aim to:

  • respond to known issues and opportunities
  • test how we can transform unused spaces into lively public areas for community enjoyment
  • improve public comfort and convenience
  • improve pedestrian safety (for the laneway only).

This project is supported by the Victorian Government’s Outdoor Dining and Entertainment Program. It is also guided by our Camberwell Junction placemaking project.

What the spaces include

  • Vibrant ground murals

  • Modular seating

  • Safety bollards

  • Places for people

Concept image of the pop-up space near the Camberwell Primary School

Before: After:

Concept image of the pop-up space near the Camberwell railway station

Before: After:

Note: The above concept images are for illustration purposes only.

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